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Mediator, author, speaker and supervisor, former war reporter and diplomatic correspondent for various media, Pierre Hazan has dedicated his life to understanding the roots of crises and helping to resolve them, as life is priceless. 
Pierre has been involved in numerous mediations and peace processes, both at the political and societal levels (such as addressing sexual violence in Catholic communities in France, implementing restorative justice in the Sahel, fostering intercommunal dialogue in Ukraine, etc.). Pierre leverages his expertise to assist those facing the reality of crises, whatever their nature may be, in order to develop conflict prevention and resolution, to support mechanisms for repair and restorative justice. He gives lectures, offers training sessions, organizes workshops, and provides consulting and supervision services upon request to different institutions (universities, companies, foundations, NGOs, think tanks, etc.).


Negotiating with the Devil
Inside the World of Armed Conflict Mediation

Insider reflections on the political and ethical ‘red lines’ that shape talks with armed interlocutors, be they states or insurgents.

After many years in the little-known world of back- channel mediation, helping sworn adversaries to prevent, manage or resolve conflict, Pierre Hazan felt compelled to re-examine the acute practical and ethical dilemmas that affected his work in Bosnia, Ukraine, the Sahel and the Central African Republic. What is the mediator’s responsibility when two belligerents conclude a peace agreement to the detriment of a third? Should mediators never be party to ‘ethnic cleansing’, even if it saves lives? Is a fragile peace worth sacrificing justice for—or will that sacrifice fuel another cycle of violence? In an increasingly dystopian world, Negotiating with the Devil offers both practical guidelines and a moral compass for mediators whose field of action has transformed dramatically. We have gone from soft to hard power; from ‘peace dividends’ to war in Europe; from the end of one Cold War to a new East–West confrontation in Ukraine; from Pax Americana to a multipolar world; from the dream of an all-powerful UN to the organisation’s marginalisation. Against this tapestry, Hazan sheds light on the complex work of those steering peace negotiations, blending vivid first-hand observation with sharp insights into the psychology of compromise as a first step towards peace.



Institutions often can benefit from outsider perspectives that can help its actors to understand their current challenges in light of the rapid international environment transformation. Pierre has worked with a wide variety of actors from around the world and leverages his experience as a mediator, coach, and supervisor in conflict prevention, resolution, and strategic reflection. He draws upon his expertise gained through various mediations in political and social conflicts across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

Speaking engagement
On demand

Pierre can inspire audiences as a keynote at your next event with a unique combination of experience, insight and humanity into the many challenges and opportunities in our world today. His experience into the dynamics of conflicts and peace processes from around the world help to better think about a changing and dangerous world we live in and how we can contribute to improve it.

Capacity Building / Masterclass
On demand

Pierre provides a wide variety of workshops, masterclasses, academic teaching on mediation and transitional justice issues to fit the specific culture of your organization, and the challenge, and opportunities that it faces. He works carefully to design activities that enable you to understand and help solving challenges from new vantage points.

Some of his collaborations are with :

  • Executive Programs in Development Policies and Practices (DPP), and Conflict and Fragility Management (CFM) at the Geneva Graduate Institute
  • Certificate of Mediation for Advanced Studies Geneva University
  • Certificat en médiation du Groupement Pro Mediation